Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Blonde, busty, and beautiful, Jayne Mansfield was at the top of the Hollywood, sex symbol chain in the 1950's. Aside from achieving ultimate starlet status, Mansfield was the mother of five children, married three times, divorced twice, and reportedly had an affair with JFK, all by the age of 34 when she tragically died in a automobile accident. Mansfield was a determined woman, whatever she wanted she got! After catching a glimpse of hunky, Mikey "Mr. Universe" Hargitay, they married and set up house at the PINK PALACE. The Pink Palace was, obviously, decorated with a pink palette in mind and featured a heart shaped bath, fireplace and pool, along with gold and other over the top accents . Unfortunately the Beverly Hills home was demolished, but from what you can see in the photo's the Pink Palace was a true reflection of the glamorous, fantasy world that was Jayne's reality.

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